Drive Thru Take Away Specials

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Welcoming CGC Drive-Thru Take-Away Specials

A contactless drive thru service for the local community to come and shop for beer, wine and soft drink specials (food specials, PLUS more coming soon). This is a Board and Management Initiative for our Members and Local Community, helping to keep our staff employed.

Members are welcome to use their House Account/Bar Levy or Membership points to make purchases.
Cash & EFTPOS Facilities are available.

Open Friday - Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Simply Drive up the ramp via the Pro Shop and park near the bollards.

Some of the items available for purchase include:

  • Beer - Introducing Growlers!
  • Wine
  • Soft Drink
  • 1kg Bag of 7 Miles Leaf & Berry Coffee Beans
  • "Locktails" to Go
  • Food Specials each weekend!

Pre-orders are welcome! Simply phone 8197 5309 between 12pm - 5pm (Friday- Sunday)

Keep an eye out on our Social Pages for Specials!

- All persons to follow Carnarvon Golf Clubs COVID-19 Safety Plan -

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